Altitude XR

Mixed reality collaboration


Altitude XR is a mixed reality immersive program that helps people collaborate virtually in physical spaces by exploring, interacting with and sharing their experiences with others from any location.



The pain-points identified are collaborating with multiple users via digital conferencing, posting and sharing notes within a space and easily switching between primary tools.

The goals identified are collaborative team walkthroughs in a space and leaving a note on an object in a space to share with collaborators.


How can we improve Altitude XR's tools for collaborating and sharing notes as a team within a space?



Give people the ability to host virtual meetings, post sharable notes and easily access primary tools within a space.

Altitude-LF Altitude-Hifi-Wireframes-min2

My role

My focus for Altitude XR was to provide new and existing users simple tools to host team meetings and post sharable notes within a work space.  Altitude XR uses an original interface design created for desktop and browser platforms in Figma.

  • Developed unique iconography & visual UI style for the application
  • Conducted competitive research to highlight pain-points & flows
  • Created wireframes for collaboration & annotation modes
  • Produced a comprehensive style-guide of all UI components
  • Designed functioning prototypes for future user testing

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