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Savr is a startup app featuring hundreds of quality recipes and cooking tips for at-home chefs with an active community of users who rate and review recipes for others.


The pain-points identified are confusion with cooking times or order of steps, learning new techniques and proper meal-prep feedback.

The goals identified are recipes that are easy to follow confidently as well as new recipes that are challenging and enjoyable, not stressful or chaotic.


How can people accurately and easily follow cooking instructions for recipes featured on Savr?



Give people the ability to quickly and efficiently locate and make recipes that are user-supported, easy to follow, hands-free and clearly defined from start to finish.

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My role

My focus for Savr was to provide users with simple and easy-to-follow instructions for making recipes, with checklists, videos and hands-free options.  Savr was created as a Google Ventures design sprint challenge in 5 days.  It uses an original interface design created for mobile platforms in Adobe XD.

  • Produced concept to prototype in one week as a Google design sprint
  • Conducted lightning demos to highlight goals and define user flows
  • Created a user journey map and crazy 8 screen challenge
  • Developed screens with three-panel solutions sketches and storyboards
  • Produced wireframes and a prototype for testing

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